Tuesday, January 15, 2013

✖ Foreign Students Event in Hachinohe ✖

Photo courtesy : Haafiz & Robert
Date : 12th~14th January 2013
Events :  Annual Foreign Students Event in Hachinohe
#1  Hachinohe Port (Hattaro)
#2  Korekawa-Jomon Museum
#3  Hassyoku Centre
#4  Kushihikihachimangu
#5  Fukuchi Ice Arena

Saturday, January 5, 2013

✖ Shopping spree ✖

   I was feeling quite prosperous after my payday, and so were those two boys. I don't know, but there was this greed feel swirling inside me -- feeling of spending my Yen bills on anything that i saw beautiful! Well, spending own's money is not a crime, right? **evil laugh** After all I was just enjoying the adrenaline while it lasts :) Oh I fell in love with this Timbaland boots, and regret of not buying it. It's a bit expensive compared to the others, but i'm willing to pay an extra if i go shopping for round two by month's end.

 That grey and pink combination, really cute, isn't it? 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

✖ Happy New Year 2013 ✖

    Friends are the closest thing to a family i've ever had in Sendai. And April 2013 would have been 3 years we live here, especially for those who came along with me from Malaysia. Whats more, we will be moving out to different places across Japan in April, and won't easily have a chance to meet up again. So we thought in this coming new year, we should go out and celebrate. New Year in Japan is a bit different from what we have back in hometown. While people shooting colourful fireworks and having bustling concerts in Malaysia, Japanese prefer to visit relatives and stay quietly at home on this very day. Illumination thingy is the only most attractive event during the end of December each year.

    We took the moment and met some friends from Indonesia and Korea, enjoyed walks in the park and snapped photos around, then some of us went to Hirose campus to prepare the dinner. The boys cooked kimchi nabe (korean stew dish), which, tasted a lot like a tom yam soup, while I made a pizza with overloading toppings. Haha. Well, it was crispy and tasted good for a very first attempt :P 

    We chatted half the night, and just slept for a few hours after fajr prayer. After woke up and played some fighting games, we prepared a special brunch, a combination of Indonesian bakso and some Malaysian soup taste. It was called by the name of 'Natori no aji' (Natori's flavour)..because it was cooked by Robert and me, who are from Natori campus. We filled our stomach with the delicious meal and left Hirose campus at noon, hoping to see everyone again next time. 

This new year has been off to an amazing start for me, 
and still praying for good memories 
to be written in my book of life.
Happy 2013 :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

✖ Trip to Hokkaido & Eid Gathering ✖

# Day 1 (5 October 2012) : Sendai ― Aomori ― Shin Aomori ― Hakodate ― Muroran

It was my first time going to Hokkaido, and so was Alif. We traveled approximately 675 km all the way to Muroran prefecture, which took about 6 hours and 15 minutes overall. We began our journey from Sendai to Shin Aomori by bullet train (JR新幹線はやて11号 ; Hayate Shinkansen) and then transfered to two limited express trains (JRスーパー白鳥11号 ; Super Hakucho). It was my first boarding an undersea train, passing through Seikan Tunnel, the longest and the deepest operational undersea tunnel in the world. The track level is about 140 metres (460 ft) below the seabed and 240 metres (790 ft) below sea level. It travels beneath the Tsugaru Strait ― connecting Aomori Prefecture on the peninsular of Japan Honshu and the island Hokkaido.

As soon as we arrived Higashi Muroran Station, our senior picked us up and we had our lunch at a sushi restaurant (回転寿司ちょいす ; Choice Sushi) that evening. Dila and I stayed at Kak Iva's house while Alif and Dini stayed at Muzani's. I tried to study as much as I can that night, but i was too sleepy and didn't really get prepared for the exam on the next day.


# Day 2 (6 October 2012) : Muroran ― Asahikawa ― Kitami 

Woke up early in the morning, tried to read some Physics and Chemistry notes. I took the entrance exam for Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Materials Engineering. Done with the writing exams and my interview lasted for about 20 minutes. After finished our exam, we had our lunch again at the sushi restaurant. Thanks to Kimi, our driver. Seared scallop sushi roll (あぶりほたて ; aburi hotate) is my new addiction, and green tea flavored ice-cream will always be my favourite.

# Day 3 (7 October 2012) : Kitami ― Asahikawa ― Sapporo

The eid gathering was held in Kitami Institute of Technology campus, perhaps in one of the academic block. The menu for the party ― satay, rendang, nasi himpit, lontong, serunding, kek lapis Sarawak, chocolate and strawberry tarts

We traveled back to Asahikawa at 2.30 pm. One interesting fact about Hokkaido -- Sapporo Station has the biggest underground shopping mall in the world. We had dinner at one of the restaurant inside the Sapporo Station and managed to catch our train home at 10 pm.  
ライラックセット ; Lilac Set  ¥1,100

# Day 4 (8 October 2012) : Sapporo ― Aomori ― Shin Aomori ― Sendai

Arrived at Shin Aomori Station at 5:44 am and changed the express train to Aomori before took our ride on the newest bullet train (はやぶさ新幹線 ; Hayabusa Shinkansen).

Sunday, September 30, 2012

✖ Turning over a new leaf this Autumn ✖

After days of unbearably scorching hot and exhausting summer, part of Japan were left cleaning up after rain overnight this weekend. Last Saturday marked the Fall season. This means we're finally came to days below 25 degree Celcius again. Cloudy skies and mild weather just generally makes me a more cheerful person, i guess. But I just want to be in my room for a little while, perhaps doing nothing. I didn't even follow my friends go fruit picking.  I'm not in a hurry, though. I have 6 months without classes, so I can go anywhere and anytime I like. Autumn also brings new stuffs to try ― and I'm looking forward to it.

 The scenery from my room. Wait till the trees begin to shed their leaves.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

✖ Boys Day Out ... and basically we ended up doing boys' stuffs ✖

Yesterday we went out to Sendai for some bowling games. Just chilling out after final exams. After bowling, we did some window shopping at Softbank shop ( iPhone 5 window shopping ). Then I had to follow the boys to Uniqlo because they wanted to buy some pants. Well, I can say at least two of them are metrosexual, on the outside of course. I love their sense of fashion. And.. they said they do workout, not everyday but yeah. I'm wondering perhaps they would look like werewolves in Twilight, if they were shirtless. Okay, don't imagine that! But, God... I just hate when men do the shopping. I had to wait for them at least half an hour. I don't know what men usually do in changing rooms, but I swear next time I won't wait any longer than that. We finally had our dinner at the usual spot, Mango Tree Cafe, a Thai cuisine restaurant located inside the Parco building. I had Phat Thai, which is one of my favourite meals the restaurant offers. 

Here are some photos of our outing. Nothing special, just had fun with ourselves :)

This reminds me of my early childhood life. Having a group of male friends is full of joy and fun, but there is at least one thing missing in my life - no girls i really click with. If anyone asked me, i would say that I am not so social, and I'm very homebound. I do want someone to hang out with, i mean female friends, but there are things that I'm scared of. I don't like telling stories, and i don't do the talking. I prefer to listen and usually I'm not the one who start conversations. People might think that I am a bit arrogant, but who cares. Let me stress this out one more time. I just want someone, to sit around, get coffee and watch movies with. And of course I'm the type of person who don't really like putting any labels on their friends : best friends, good friends, best buddies, or anything. I appreciate the friendship but I don't believe in labels, since born :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

✖ Sorry for not fulfilling your dreams ✖

I've failed everyone for not being accepted into Tokyo Institute of Technology. I was honestly a bit disappointed because there's no other options left. The university opens the application for study transfer only once in a year. People say it is always hard, but I think if i pushed myself for a little more, I could probably passed it. I just wanted to say that I am deeply sorry. Well, I just couldn't say the words in person. I failed them, and i regret. i can't really say how supportive they are, in every ways. my parents ; my research lecturer, Mr Asada ; my Japanese language lecturer, Mrs Shimada. A bunch of thanks for helping me stay motivated.  

For me, by having failed it for the first time, it means something. Something that I will hardly forget, and I feel as if I won't get over it for a few months. Allright, enough with the depression stuffs. What i have to be worried about now is that my eyebags' problem getting serious. Yes, i know. I think i'm not getting good sleep lately. Perhaps i should get back on the track and start focusing on myself. I don't want to simply give up without a fight. Its worth dying for.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

✖ Thanks for the early birthday wishes/gifts ✖

My birthday is still a week away, but today my Japanese friends surprised me with those lovely gifts. I don't actually expect anyone to celebrate mine, but i am so happy anyway. It's the thought that counts. Have known them for two years and they've always been really nice to me. I'm honored to be placed among them. And what's more, an early birthday wish from my very favourite senior just now makes me most happy. I used to call him 'Sweets', just because he is probably the most charming J-guy in my college. He'll graduate in the middle of next month and perhaps today was my last day seeing him around. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

✖ Jangle Jungle, Yamagata : My first time snowboarding ✖

Welcome to Jangle Jungle, of Hagashine City, Yamagata Prefecture. Me and a couple friends from Tohoku University headed up to the mountains to a snowboard trip this past Saturday, just to chill out after finals. We began our journey from Sendai City by bus, and in total it took about an hour, or two hours top, that i don't really remember. By the time we got there, it was starting to snow pretty heavily and the surrounding was all blurry. Here is a few snaps from the trip. It was just too cold to take many photos on the hill. I simply didn't want the tips of all my ten fingers to be exposed to the risk of frostbite. It hurts, you know?

Anyways, it was my first time I've actually been out in a real snow with a snowboard. Yes well, frankly speaking, at first I didn't have any idea as to what to expect next. I could hardly contain my excitement, but i was quite scared at the stage when my body was showing pretty bad balance on the board. I kept slipping and tumbling down the snowy ground, hurted me a few times. But still, it was lots of fun. It felt great when i was being able to master the 'zig zag' trick, and i could say that i passed that part stylishly, THOUGH it is just one of the simplest kind. And till now i can still feel the pain in my joints and my muscles is sore. Hope that my body will recover quickly by this week, or else i'll have to crawl to the airport to catch my flight home.